Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enough Left vs. Right - Time To Stand Together!

Enough Left vs. Right ~ Time To Stand TogetherShare
Yesterday at 4:31pm

Dear Citizens,

I have many types of friends. I have passionate political friends. I have apolitical friends. I have devoutly religious friends. I have decidedly non--religious friends I have some who are not sure how they stand on these matters. Many are old friends from my childhood. Many are new friends only known by the internet. Some are a local and current, but they are all my friends.

We have all heard the old adage "Never talk about politics or religion with friends if you intend to keep them as friends." I understand the reason behind this statement, but as I have aged, I dislike the spirit behind it. Our closed minds have caused much division and dissent among the citizenry of our great nation. This has segmented us into many "defeatable" sub cultures and social/political niches and cliques.

There are many points of disagreement and there always be. It is the ability to work within that context that will save our nation.

Here are some things I challenge anyone to disagree with.

1. Our freedom and liberty in this nation are unsurpassed in the world.

2. This country and our way of life is worth saving for our posterity.

3. United we stand, divided we fall.

4. We all could be more involved in the political process and with the rights and duties of citizenship.

5. We are all American citizens (since it is this group to whom I am speaking).

6. Showing hatred, dislike and making derogatory statements about other groups is non-productive.

7. Kindness and gentleness are good things and should be practiced among us.

8. We are a stronger voice as citizens unified, than divided.

9. The common ground of United States Citizen should be stood upon to unite.

10. We owe this to all those who have either died, or were/are willing to for this country.

Enough left bashing right and right bashing left. It is what those who would destroy our country would have us do. We must stand together now, accepting each other and being unified in purpose,
or we shall surely lose what we have here.

One passionate group trumps another and so goes the wheel of responsibility and blame passing.
In war, if one company waits to come from the trench with the excuse that first, we all must agree on the method of exit, all stay hunkered down and are destroyed piece meal. Organized attack, like the one we are under (and believe me citizens, we are under attack and as long as we will take it, will continue to be) are coordinated with feints, demonstrations and artillery prior to the main assault. The best defense is good offense, by which a small force can keep a large and difficult to coordinate force on it's heels until support is assembled and brought to bear.

We now stand at that moment of action and have the luxury of taking the high ground and maintaining a posture of kindness and gentleness and unity. That is our tactic and our method of unification, with which none should argue. And with which, we will stand above the crowds to be an example to emulate.

Who will come with me?

This Post Written By Gene Tomlinson, a fellow Patriot!

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