Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Freedom of Speach

" The First Amendment does not say 'Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people to assemble, provided that the people have obtained a permit in advance, or half a permit if they can't get a complete one; and if they have paid for registration fees and fines and cleanup costs even if they don't make a mess; and provided they don't obstruct the sidewalk, and as long as they stay away from entrances and traffic, and assuming they move in and orderly way; and by the way, they should be prepared to duck Tasers or face possibly lethal rubber bullets, or subject themselves to microwave technology used by the state." --Naomi Wolf

Wow has it really come to this? How can we sit by and watch from our armchairs? Do we even have a permit to protest from our armchair???

As long as they can manage our free speech or our protests.....they will never be heard......but when we make our voice loud and inconvient for they try to silence us!!!

If you have any examples of the government doing just this please post them for all to see and learn.

Life , Libert and the pursuit!

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