Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Petitions for Redress of Greviences.

The First Amendment Right to Petition

Sign the Petitions For Redress of Grievances
Updated March, 2008
The following Petitions for Redress of Grievances were first formally servedon the Government of the United States in November, 2002To this date, the US government has refused to respond.The Petitions are currently being updated to reflect current circumstancesand demands upon Government officials (March, 2008)We have continued to add Petitions and will record signatures on the Petitions until further notice. Signatures collected are currently scheduled to be served on the Government during May, 2008
Here are the Instructions:

Here are the Petitions for Redress:

1) READ each Petition ===>> 2) JOIN our e-mail list Yahoo! & Verizon warning (Your password will be sent to you automatically)3) SIGN the Petitions

Note:a. You will need your password to log in and sign the Petitions(If you are already in our system, please use the "JOIN" link above to send yourself your password)b. To avoid mistyping your password, simply HIGHLIGHT, then COPY and PASTE the password into the log-in form.c. After logging in, please provide your personal information, then click "continue." Click on the checkboxesto "sign" each Petition.Problems? See below for some help...

(March, 2008)The Petition for Redress Regardingthe WAR POWERS CLAUSES printable version(March/2008) The Petition for Redress Regarding the GUN CONTROL LAWS printable version (March, 2008)The Petition for Redress Regardingthe FEDERAL INCOME TAXprintable version(March, 2008)The Petition for Redress Regardingthe FEDERAL RESERVEprintable version(March, 2008)The Petition for Redress Regardingthe "USA PATRIOT ACT"printable version
(March, 2008)The Petition for Redress RegardingILLEGAL IMMIGRATION printable version (March, 2008) The Petition For Redress Regarding the NORTH AMERICAN UNIONprintable version
Click Here to electronically signthe Petitions for Redress That You SupportAfter logging in, provide your personal information thenclick on the "Checkbox" for each Petition you want to sign.
Please note:
To protect the use of your e-mail address and to validate the authenticity of signatures on the petitions, you must first "sign in" using a valid e-mail address and password. The next screen displayed MAY ask you for a password.
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As per our privacy policy, your personal information will never be released to any outside party. Only your name, city and state will be incorporated into the public record via the Petition.
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  1. I saw these. The Government has ignored them. I wonder if anyone has shown these grievances to someone like Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly? Logically i would think that they would be on this story like white on rice. I have an idea!!! Let's send this information to them!!